MillenniumBlok - Insulated Concrete Forms made from recylced materials
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The MillenniumBlok® Insulated Concrete Form

MillenniumBlok® is a low cost, patented building block using breakthrough GREEN technology utilizing recycled materials to build strong, safe and efficient buildings.

MillenniumBlok® has been thoroughly tested and approved for use by state, national, and international governmental agencies.

MillenniumBlok® can and has been used in a wide range of applications from low cost housing in third world countries, to multi–million dollar residential, commercial, government, and industrial applications.

MillenniumBlok® is adaptable to any extreme environment, and can use local labor for both manufacturing and installation. It is cost effective and adaptable to any cultures, architectural requirements, for both mobile and permanent plants.

Benefits of MillenniumBlok®
  • Fire, hurricane and earthquake resistant
  • Impervious to mold, fungus mildew, termites, rodents and bugs
  • Drastically lower utilities
  • Virtually soundproof
  • Easy to repair water damage
  • Military tested and approved

MillenniumBlok® Mobile Factory System

MillenniumBlok® mobile factories are inexpensive and assemble quickly. The factory equipment can be shipped overseas in as few as 8 containers to any location in the world, and be operating at full capacity within 30 days under normal conditions.

Each factory can produce whatever quantity of block is needed, to build residential, commercial, industrial, and government buildings. The production of each factory can be increased by simply adding block molds or adding shifts of production or both.

Factories can be located near the projects being built and can be disassembled and re-assembled at another location in a matter of weeks.

Superior Structural Integrity

MillenniumBlok® is designed with a patented interconnected concrete octagonal shaped cell system which offers a wall structure 80% stronger than its cylindrical shaped cell systems.

It is a light-weight panelized concrete form system made from a composition of 85%+ recycled material, cement and other additives.

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